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For more than two years, I worked at one of Australia's largest pharmaceutical brands. Alongside generic medicine and vitamins, it had a wide collection of cosmetics and beauty products from various international brands.

Everyday women came to the store and enquired about those products – what it does, its prices and how it can help them look younger and more beautiful. But at times, some women would ask if the products sold were tested on animals. To that question, we were unfortunately never trained on.

After coming across this issue, I spent the next six months purchasing every single skincare brand’s product from the shop. I used them to research on their testing process. And, it left me shocked. I was truly devastated.

Every year, roughly 115 million animals, big and small, never get to see the sunlight or leave a laboratory. These creatures are poked and prodded through various gruesome, unnecessary tests to facilitate bringing to market consumer products.

Largely, these are well-known brands that have been popularised in modern societies. Due to their sheer market power and ease of cosmetics production, nothing has been done. Every day, innocent people are purchasing their items without any knowledge of the negative impact this is having on animal livelihood.

During the years I worked at the pharmaceutical brand, I saw this live in action. But I was helpless, in order to save my job.

However, over the next year, we started RevitaSkins – a 100% cruelty-free skincare and beauty brand, based in Australia. From the beginning, our mission has been to empower everyday women, every day, with confidence in their own skin.

But, do it differently, keeping the impact of our animal friends in mind.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been easy. We source the best products across the world at highly competitive prices in cruelty-free fashion. To do this, we have been making major sacrifices. While our competitors in the industry are producing at faster rates with cheaper ingredients, based on animal testing, we are taking our time with each product.

But another two years on, we have over 27,000 satisfied customers. As we grew bigger, we made a company-wide decision to donate 10% of each sale to Choose Cruelty Free. Therefore, every sale that is generated from you, a 10% portion is donated to make a help produce and distribute cruelty-free educational material and research.

It is through your help that we can continue to support and make a difference. Remember, your contribution makes a large difference in our pool of donations.

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